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Default Things for your Sim's home
DragonArts has made a traditional drum to grace the walls of your home -- whether it is a chickee or other. Reyn & DragonArts teamed up to give every young Seminole a happier childhood. Every child needs a huggable, squishable, carry it around dolly -- and here is one that is dressed just like mommy.

DLMulsow, brings the textile arts of both the Seminoles and Navaho to Simville, with her bedding, rugs and pillow recolors. There was trade through out the American continents long before the building of the first super highways. The Navaho blankets & rugs would have been treasured, exotic items for the Seminoles. The geometrically precise, brightly colored Seminole patch work would be just as treasured for the artistry and traditions embodied in these works of love.

The set includes four recolored bed linens (base game), recolored Pets bed (Pets required), and recolored pillows from Simcredible Design (mesh required -- it is part of the No Mystery bedroom set. Go here to get it: The rug recolor require at least one ep.

HugeLunatic, has also made a new, rustic bookcase -- be sure you set your graphics up high for at least a short time to read the delightful book titles. They are so appropriate! Requires University. No Florida swamp is complete without a muddy brown alligator lurking among the cattails. With permission, she has cloned, remapped and recolored Mickyss's green crocodile, which he has posted at his own site, Sims2World, Everyone assures me he doesn't bite -- but I certainly wouldn't let my toddlers near him! Requires University.

And to wrap up te set, Buggybooz's offering of fine Native American decorator items. The spears will be useful if your sim is hankering after a tasty treat and the baskets are ready to be filled with that wonderful harvest. There is a basket recolor for a bit of variety. Hang a quiver with arrows & bow on the wall, so everyone knows a great hunter lives here.
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: rar DLMulsow_Bedding.rar (568.5 KB, 2324 downloads)
File Type: rar DLMulsowsNavahoRugSet.rar (349.7 KB, 2312 downloads)
File Type: zip (632.1 KB, 1946 downloads)
File Type: zip (264.0 KB, 1901 downloads)
File Type: rar buggybooz_BBseminoleSpears.rar (40.0 KB, 2357 downloads)
File Type: rar buggybooz_BBseminoleBaskets.rar (257.7 KB, 2651 downloads)
File Type: rar dragonarts-NDNDecorativeDrum.rar (402.9 KB, 2272 downloads)
File Type: rar Reyn-DragonArts-NDN-Doll.rar (251.2 KB, 2135 downloads)
File Type: rar buggybooz_BBhangingarrows.rar (33.0 KB, 2370 downloads)