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Default Base Game Only -- Traditional Residential
Base Game Lots -- No EP’s needed

Lots by bluetexasbonnie,

Chickee Starter

A small starter lot for your new Seminole family by bluetexasbonnie, This is a 3x2, base game lot and costs $19,209. The lot is fully furnished and suitable for Seminole couple.

Note: The first two shots are taken from the back of the lot, looking towards the road. (You can see the gardener's truck if you look carefully.) I think it really is worth the effort to get rid of the pavement and sidewalks ... don't you?

Growing Family

A small lot for your slightly more affluent Seminole single. This is a 3x2, $24,733 base game lot. The lot is fully furnished. A hanging wicker crib and change table by Tarox are all set up and just waiting for the little one.

- Plants, Cordyline australis -- Alex_Stanton1983.
- Harvestable Crops -- Echo.
- Timber Columns & beams -- Huge Lunatic.
- Terrain Paints, floors -- KomoSims.
- Floors & Walls -- Lethe_S.
- Terrain Paints -- Margierytka.
- Seamless Wall Windows set - window, arch & recolor -- Numenor.
- Clones of Echo’s Harvestable Crops -- Simaddict99.
- Furniture, fireplace & Decor -- Sims In Paris.
- Furniture, phone, lights, plumbing, appliances and Décor -- The Mod Squad’s Simstones.
- Furniture, plumbing, baby things & décor items -- Tarox.
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: rar bluetexasbonnie_Chickee_Starter.rar (6.29 MB, 1893 downloads)
File Type: rar bluetexasbonnie_Growing_Family.rar (7.02 MB, 1861 downloads)