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Default Base Game -- Traditional Commercial Lot
Chayajus Trading Grounds -- Base Game Community Lot, no ep’s required

Chayajus is Seminole for “I want”, … and this 3x4 community lot by BlueTexasBonnie has everything you could want and a few things that the most conservative elders don‘t want.

Here is what the Turtle Island Chamber of Commerce has to say about it:
The Trading Grounds -- Come shop and enjoy our futuristic fenced river swimming -- almost no alligators! Buy a few commodities and enjoy the scenic area. If you are easily offended, do not look behind the curtain. There are (gasp!!) premade clothes there. Be real careful of impressionable children -- there is even a mirror.

The lake/pool is a ‘fake’ lake. The lake is fenced, so swimming should be restricted to that little area. Sometimes your sims forget that they are supposed to be swimming and stand on the water. (I’m sure this is just an optical illusion. They are really standing on invisible alligators. -- which brings up another issue. If you have any ep’s installed, get the HugeLunatic/Mickyss alligator and add it somewhere. Unfortunately it isn’t a base game object.)

- Furniture, lighting, plumbing and Décor -- The Mod Squad’s Simstones.
- Harvestable Crops -- Echo.
- Clones of Harvestable Crops -- Simaddict99.
- Seamless Wall Windows, etc set -- Numenor.
- Plants -- Alex_Stanton1983.
- Terrain Paints, floors -- KomoSims.
- Timber Columns & beams -- HugeLunatic.
- Floors & Walls -- Lethe_S.
- Furniture & décor items -- Tarox.
- Produce stand recolor -- Mistletoequest.
- Plants & animals-- Mickyss.
- Plants & Rocks -- Nengi65.
- Furniture & Decor -- Sims In Paris.
- Tree -- KevinsHope.
- Terrain Paints -- Margierytka.

(edit): Updated the Lot file. 4/25/2007, 8:34 CDT. Previous compressed version was corrupt.
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
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