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Default Traditional Homes -- Require UNI, NL & OFB

Walking Tree Bayou, by BlueTexasBonnie-a traditional chickee compound for your Seminole family. It sits on a medium lot, 3x3. At $60,908 this fully furnished home is well within reach of the established sim family. The master bedroom features a beautiful, handmade hanging crib & change table by Tarox for growing family. The horse is a totally functional vehicle -- with lights, sounds and everything. It is a tropical paradise with all the amenities your upwardly mobile Seminoles need … but be careful. Rumor has it that some HugeLunatic has loosed an alligator on the place. Let’s just hope it doesn’t like horseflesh or toddlers!

Installation Instructions:
1. Place and unzip both CC folders in your downloads folder. You must have both of them for the lot to work!
2. Install the lot package in the normal way, … i.e., double click on icon and let the installer do its thing.

Chief Hotalee's Chickee
Welcome to the home of Chief Hotalee. Hotalee is Seminole for “Big Wind” or hurricane. The Chief is very proud of his strong, powerful name. All of the tribe respect him and think he is a good chief, but …, well hurricane is not the picture that comes to their mind when they say his name.

This is a 5x3 lot and costs $61,278. It features a spacious, rare 2-story chickee. The upstairs includes the Chief’s bed, the wicker crib, a change table and exotic Navaho rugs. The lower level has lots of room for the other family members to sleep in.

There is an abundance of corn, pumpkin and peach trees to keep everybody comfortably fed. Sell the excess and you should more than cover your bills.

A special thanks to all the fine creators who so graciously allowed me to share their creations in this and other lots.

Custom Content
- The SimStones: Table Phone, 'Rock Solid' counter, 'Bone-O-Matic' Stove & Trash Burner, "Dramatic" Coffee Table, 'Ice Age Box', Sink & recolor by The Mod Squad --The Simstones
- NDN Chickee Frame Crosspiece, Cypress Chickee Column-no base, Cypress Chickee Corner Column by DragonArts
- Wooden Bridge Floor, Rivieraground04 by Komosims
- Bath Curtain, Bathtub, Dining Chair, Sanitation Station Baby Changing Table, The Kinder Kontainer, Sewage Brothers Resteze Toilet, Manor House Paree Dining by Taroo
- Navaho Rug 2 & 5 by DLMulsow
- Horizontal Half Round Column 4 Tile, Vertical Round Column Two Story, and Rustic Bookcase by Huge Lunatic
- Croc by Huge Lunatic/Mickyss
- Terrains by Margierytka
- Plants -- Alex_Stanton1983.
- "LadderStairs" -by Targa
- Seamless Wall Windows set -- Numenor.
- Harvestable Crops -- Echo.
- Clones of Harvestable Crops -- Simaddict99.
- Furniture & Decor -- Sims In Paris.
- Invisible driveway recolor -- RoddyAleixo.
- Plants & Rocks -- Nengi65.
- Plants, fish, frog and original mesh for crocodile-- Mickyss.
- Tree -- KevinsHope.
- Terrain Paints -- KomoSims.
- Floors & Walls -- Lethe_S.
- Downshift -- Fat D.
- Horse/Vehicle -- Hexameter.

Additional Credits:
- Croc was cloned by Huge Lunatic, with permission from Mickyss,
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: rar bluetexasbonnie_WalkingTreeBayou-CC1.rar (4.92 MB, 1482 downloads)
File Type: rar bluetexasbonnie_Chief_Hotalee.rar (8.45 MB, 1418 downloads)