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Default The Traditional Outfit Shop -- Get your Finery Here
Welcome to Turtle Island's Traditional Outfit Stop. We make all your traditional finery right here - made to order to your exact specifications. Why not have a cup of coffee, sit out front and visit awhile? The pot is always on. Never mind the dog. He just wants a pat on the head.

Lot Size = 3 x 2

This lot requires OFB and uses items from Seasons. You can use Sims2Pack clean installer to remove the Seasons items. If you remove the OFB sign, it will be just a plain community lot.

Not included in Lot - You need to get the mesh for:

- cokenasmile - Wonderful Treadle Sewing Machines used by the shop owner to create fantastic outfits for your sims.

AND the recolor -
- porkypine - New recolor of cokenasmile's treadle sewing machine - it is a lighter gold color and has a small sewing project under the presser foot. Be sure to get cokenasmile's mesh for this recolor to appear in your game.

Included in the Lot:

- alex_stanton1983 - Visit his profile to find all the other wonderful tropical plants he's made - assorted palms and tropical plants.

- Buggybooz - Assorted Baskets, spears, quivers and bow, - this thread

- Cheryl @ - CW carved 5 Wall panel -exterior accent wall panels,

- ChristianLov @ MTS2 - Clothing rack,

- Dragonarts @ MTS2 - cypress poles used on the awning, hanging hand drum

- HugeLunatic - alligator recolor of Mickyss croc, (with permission)(this thread)

- IndolentLemon @ MTS2 - plainlee palms,

- Khakidoo @ MTS2 - Cypress Based shrub and Narrow Cypress Base,

- komosims - Get your cup of coffee and sit out under the airy lattice awning made by out of the wooden bridge flooring, Komosims also made the terrains - Rivieraground03, caveground10, GC_0003.

- Magierytka - terrain - Trawka Nr 1 and Trawka Nr 5 and # 7,

- Nengi65 @ MTS2 made some very nice flowers - garden plant #2 and 31, large Standing Stone, flat rock, N65_Flowering vine 2,

- Simaddict99 - Orange tree cloned from Echo's apple tree.

- Skye @ - Beech wall - exterior and interior walls,
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
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