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Default Hard Rock Casino - Commercial. Requires Uni, NL, OFB
Requires University, NightLife & Open for Business

The Seminole Hard Rock Casinos have long been a 'must do' in Florida -- and they are now opening a branch in a neighborhood near you.

Come enjoy yourself and bring the whole family. In addition to the poker tables, there is a fantastic pool, and a chic boutique. At the end of the day, have everybody meet upstairs to have dinner on the terrace.

4x5 Community Lot

Warning: This lot contains a special animated floor by Niol which may cause problems for Seasons owners. The floor was used to make the fountain in front. Please report any problems you encounter with the floor here: If you have Seasons, check Niol's thread for updates -- I know he is working on it.

Custom Content Included:

- Chrissie of Pimp My Sims, Décor items
- 15PupMaus49 of MTS, Furniture & Decor
- HopeBayler of MTS, Furniture
- CTNutmegger of MTS, Furniture & Decor
- Fat D of MTS, DownShift
- SimLin55 of KomoSims, Floors, walls
- KomoSims of KomosSims, Floors, walls
- VonNdaSun of KomoSims, ] Floors, walls
- Funny of Pimp My Sims,[/u...ber.php?u=95035: Plants, furniture, décor, fencing
- Moon_ez of MTS, gate
- Niol of MTS, Floor
- Murano of Murano Mobilia, furniture
- Nanisim of MTS, Fence light
- Skye of Sterling Sims, Door & décor recolor, walls
- Cheryl of Sterling Sims, walls
- Solander of Pimp My Sims, Furniture & Décor
- TA539 of MTS, Plants
- Targa of MTS, Ascension Elevator
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
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