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There are not a lot of targeted, authentic traditional Native American Indian sim downloads. When I first began to try and furnish the houses, I thought we were going to need meshers to make EVERYTHING. However, by looking with an open mind, I soon found lots of things that, while not made as Native American Indian items, fit well within the theme and look.

Here is a list of links that I think you will find helpful in decorating and furnishing your lots.

- Alex_Stanton1983, Alex has made a wide variety of trees-- especially palms that are so appropriate for Florida Seminole landscapes.
- Alkaloid has made a selection of eyes and skins that you may want to use when creating your sims. Visit the selection at Alkaloid Labs at to see what is offered today!
Burnished skintones
- DLMulsow, has some of the few authentic style items available. Her rugs and pictures are perfect for decorating. Her rustic barnwood panel walls work beautifully for natural looking structures.
- Echo, These crops allow you to do real farming for a living.
- Exotic Elements and Armchair Traveler, There are several things among the ArmChair Traveler tab that fit nicely in a rustic, natural setting.
- Lethe_S, Many of her medieval items items look great and seem very appropriate on the traditional Seminole lots. Her peasant pack wall papers & floors are perfect for chickees.
- Maylin, offers another timber column and beam set. You might find this set of beams, helpful also.
- Mistletoesquest, Here are some medieval recolors for OFB produce bins -- they look great in a trading post.
- Numenor, The totally transparent recolor of the Seamless Wall Windows set is the perfect way to have an open, breezy look while still giving your sims a sense of privacy.
- Sims In Paris, The fur covered bed and hassocks in Bedroom #4 look so rich and warm. Be sure to check out Bedroom #2 also. The twin bed works nicely and that large curtain looks great hanging along the chickee walls.
- The Mod Squad’s Simstones, The stony organic color and feel of many of the Simstone items looks right at home in the open, nature setting typical of the pre-industrial Americas.
- Tarox, Many of the medieval and Egyptian items fit the rustic natural setting of the Florida swamps. The reed crib is perfect for your growing family.