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Default The Corner Merc
"The Corner Merc" an OFB lot - Everyone stops in at "The Corner Merc" To pick up some milk for the kids, to put your beadwork on consignment, get a cup of coffee and visit awhile.

Lot size = 2 x 2

We have outside dining so you can sit and visit while the kids play on the swing.

Included in the Lot:

- alex_stanton1983
- Visit his profile to find all the other wonderful tropical plants he's made - assorted palms and tropical plants.

- [email protected] MTS2 - Assorted Baskets, spears, quivers and bow, - this thread

- IndolentLemon @ MTS2 - plainlee palms,

- [email protected] - assorted old wood panel walls and old pink industrial concrete exterior walls .
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
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