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Default Build Sets
The sound seems to come out of nowhere: "Do you feel safe at night?" As you hastily turn round you see a merchant grinning widely. He ushers you into his shop. The place is dusty and smells heavily of resin, wood and... sulphur?
"You need something to keep the bandits out at night, don't you?" the merchant asks, showing your through the workshop where artisans are busy varnishing wood and stitching leather awnings. In one back room it looks like someone tried to blow up a door using a strange black powder. "Can't be too safe, " the merchant laughs, as you run out of the shop.

New Meshes

1. Alchemist build set
Set consisting of a very solid vault door with matching arch and two excentric cog windows. For the budding alchemist or Verne-adept.
Poly count:
- Portholewindow: 968
- Twotile cog window: 1045
- Verne door: 934
- Verne arch: 364
You will need the door for the arch to work properly.
File contains all four meshes, and four recolours for each mesh.

2. Medieval Awnings
Rough looking awnings. Give your peasant's a place to shelter from the sun and rain.
Cloned from paintings and consisting of four pieces, a single tile one and left, right and center pieces.
Poly count: 300

3. Twotile Rounded door
Big double door, would look good on a castle
Poly count:
- Twotile rounded door: 2420
- Twotile rounded arch: 688
You need the door for the arch to work properly in your game.
The file includes the door and the arch and five recolours.

4. Gate garage
*Requires Nightlife*
Cause automatic aluminum doors just look silly against your victorian carriage or horse-drawn cart.
Poly count: 2000

Maxis Recolours

1. Justadoor
Two recolours in dark wood

2. Open Sesame Door
Two recolours in mahogany and dark wood

3. Independent Window
Recolour in mahogany

4. Divingboard and pool ladder
Recolour in rough wood

5. Wooden gates and fence
Recolour in dark wood

6. Uprite column
Recolour in dark wood

7. Roofs
Recolours in light and dark straw

New Mesh Recolours

*No meshes are included in these packages. You must download the linked meshes for the recolours to appear in your game*

1. MsBarrows waterwheel
- Darkwood and mossywood recolors
- Mesh is here

2. Phelana awnings (vordach)
- Darkwood recolors
- Mesh is below - be sure to get the mesh AND recolors (Meshkiste is down)

3.Simwardrobe arched and square column
- Three recolors each:darker brick, dark wood panelled, oak
- Mesh is here

4. Numenor deck stairs
- One darkwood recolor
- Mesh is here (url updated May 23)

5. Ziiz dongle arch by Shufonk
- One dark wood recolor
- Mesh is here

6. Sup@tramp new fence and gate
- Darker wood recolors
- Mesh is here
Attached files:
File Type: rar  Awnings.rar (552.8 KB, 21291 downloads)
File Type: rar  msb waterwheel darkwood 2 recolors.rar (64.5 KB, 17758 downloads)
File Type: rar  Phelana vordach 2 recolors.rar (54.6 KB, 16698 downloads)
File Type: rar  corvidophile2_Numenordeckstairs_recolor.rar (14.7 KB, 16013 downloads)
File Type: rar  corvidophile2_zizz_donglearch_recolor_darkwood.rar (79.8 KB, 16114 downloads)
File Type: rar  Sup@tramp fence and gate darkwood rec by corvidophile2.rar (74.0 KB, 16364 downloads)
File Type: zip  F-P Gate (440.6 KB, 19929 downloads)
File Type: rar  corvidophile2_simwardrobe_arch_and_square_columns-3_recolors_each.rar (530.1 KB, 16642 downloads)
File Type: rar  Twotile-rounded-door-and-arch+recolours.rar (524.6 KB, 20836 downloads)
File Type: rar  Alchemist-build-set+recolours.rar (1.20 MB, 19394 downloads)
File Type: rar  Maxis-build-recolours-corvidophile2.rar (429.6 KB, 19087 downloads)
File Type: rar  Roof-recolours-corvidophile2.rar (595.1 KB, 18387 downloads)
File Type: rar  Phelena_Vordach-MESH-Meshkiste.rar (71.5 KB, 14743 downloads)