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Default Clothes for Medieval Ladies
As you continue your explorations, you hear the sounds of happy chatter and find yourself in a shop. There you see five women, needles flying through cloth. You gaze beyond them and find a room filled to bursting with clothing. You notice a box of tattered patched clothing. "For the poor", one of the women explains, "We ask people to bring their unwanted things here when they buy new."

You'll find over 130 outfits here for sims of all ages, and over 25 new clothing meshes. These screenshots barely do justice to all the detail work on the outfits, but this does give you an idea of what's in each file. On to the files:

Make sure your SIM/OBJECT DETAIL settings are set to HIGH or some of the custom meshes might look deformed in your game

5 Peasant/Robbers by Liz, 1 Knight by Alex with helmet (helmet requires ofb)
Includes Marvine's Athletic Mesh , 3 meshes by Kate at Parsimonious , 1 mesh by Tig

Princess: - updated May 22 with corrected hood mesh
10 Dark Princess gowns in 2 colors by Liz, 1 Princess with hood and cape by Alex
Includes Cape meshe by General Zoi, Gown mesh by WDS Brianna, 3 meshes by Kate at Parsimonious , Hood mesh by Bipsouille, 1 mesh by Tig

3 Filthy Tavern Wenches by Liz, 5 Gypsy Dresses by Enblith
Includes 4 meshes by Tig

2 Seamstresses, 1 Innkeeper, 1 Cook, and 1 Field Hand by Liz. Adventurer and 2 cutout gowns by Alex.
Includes 4 meshes by Tig, alpha dress mesh by PAF

5 Peasant Dresses by Zoe, 4 Medieval Surcotes by Enblith, which also can be used as outerwear if you have Seasons
Includes 3 meshes by Tig

4 simple shifts by Alex. Doubles as sleep, swim and workout. Maxis meshes
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: rar DP-Women-Peasant.rar (4.93 MB, 52655 downloads)
File Type: rar DP-Women-RenBelted.rar (3.30 MB, 47283 downloads)
File Type: rar DP-Women-RobberKnight.rar (3.18 MB, 35515 downloads)
File Type: rar DP-Women-Working.rar (5.26 MB, 48777 downloads)
File Type: rar DP-Women-Undies.rar (1.29 MB, 33809 downloads)
File Type: rar DP-Women-Princess.rar (3.89 MB, 43462 downloads)