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Default Clothes for Medieval Men
In the next room a bunch of nervous looking men stand in line for a small podium, where a busy matron with several needles between her lips is fitting up an older man. Behind them, stacks of cloth are piled up, ranging from rags to the finest silk. The man looks decidedly uncomfortable, and you decide not to stop here.

5 Robber/Peasants by Liz, 4 Poor Peasants by Zoe
Includes 5 meshes by Tig

Guild Men - Master, Journeyman, and Apprentice, Kitchen Boy and Field Hand by Liz, 4 tunic outfits by Alex
Includes hood mesh by General Zoi, child mesh from All About Style, 3 meshes by Tig

Dark Knight by Zoe, Adventurer, Fighter and Blacksmith by Alex, Butcher by Enblith, and Hot Guy (2 colors) by Besen
Includes new mesh by Besen and 2 meshes by Tig

3 Villagers by Alex, Sly Merchant and Horse Groomer by Liz, 4 Gypsies by Enblith with matching Scarf (Uni required for scarf)
Includes 4 meshes by Tig

WizPrince: - updated May 22 with corrected wizard mesh
10 Dark Prince outfits in 2 colors by Zoe, 2 Wizards by Alex
Includes 4 meshes by Tig, 1 mesh by Besen

4 Authentic Medieval Underwear by Alex, uses Maxis meshes
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: rar DP-Men-Imagine.rar (4.42 MB, 36599 downloads)
File Type: rar DP-Men-Peasant.rar (3.88 MB, 40586 downloads)
File Type: rar DP-Men-RenShirt.rar (6.38 MB, 40180 downloads)
File Type: rar DP-Men-Undies.rar (102.8 KB, 30117 downloads)
File Type: rar DP-Men-Working.rar (5.00 MB, 37678 downloads)
File Type: rar DP-Men-WizPrince.rar (5.94 MB, 47477 downloads)