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Default Dark Clothes for Curvy Ladies
Still feeling greasy from the sweatshop, you walk up to a stream to wash your hands. Across the stream a painter is setting up his easel. In front of him, several very curvy women chatter and get ready to pose. The calm painter's scene is rudely interrupted by the sound of horses. The women squeal and giggle, and run up to the main road.

Tired of slender ladies? When we saw Warlokk's new Renaissance Gal Bodyshape, we wanted her in our world - so now she can be in yours also.

This is a new bodyshape - in order for your sim to look this new size, you need to purchase the larger bodyshape clothing in all the clothing categories (casual, formal, undies, workout, etc).

If you want your sim to also keep her shape in the shower - you must use the special skintone and make a new sim in CAS that uses the skintone. Right now there is only a Maxis pale skintone, we will link to more skintones as folks create them.

Tig created 4 additional meshes for the lady for this project. The meshes and all recolors are included in the download.

Install in the usual way, put all the files in your Downloads or Saved Sims folder.

You can find more outfits for your RenGal here and here

And more showerproof skintones
Louis Skintones by Jwilson5

Thank you Warlokk for sharing your meshes and for making the skintone file for us.

Peasant, 2 Dark Princesses by Zoe
2 Wenches, 2 Middle Class, 2 Victorian, 2 Undies by Alex
Includes Warlokk's RenGal Nightgown Mesh, 4 meshes by Tig

Warlokk RenGal:
showerproof pale skintone and necessary meshes
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: rar DP-Woman-RenBodytype.rar (7.84 MB, 18072 downloads)
File Type: rar Warlokk_RenGal_BarbieLtSkn.rar (3.18 MB, 12974 downloads)