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Default Object meshes
You are risen from your slumber by the smell of freshly baked bread. You get up from your bedroll in the woods and follow the smell to a large building, a guild house with the line 'Crea, Parte, Lude' in gold letters above the door. Inside you find a woman in a shop, fussing with plates and what looks like bread in different stages of cooking, while her companion makes beans add up numbers. You frown and walk on, to see a bunch of strange looking men poring over books, trying to open a massive chest. One of the wild-eyed men entrusts in you that there's mounds of gold in it. You decide to move on quickly, past a woman throwing acid on metal and making it sizzle into a cog shape. Against your better judgement you investigate the sound of clanging metal and end up in a big hall full of steam and smoke. Goggled men and women are here, hard at work on several contraptions, sometimes squealing when they make them run of their own accord. As you stand in awe, one of the machines bumps into you, picking you up and carting you outside.

1. Alchemist Office Set

Update: The spyglass now has a version that works in Free Time. Please download and let it overwrite the old one.

Fire-, acid and explosionproof set, for the excentric and undertaking genius.
Consists of a desk, chair, table and spyglass, with added recolours.
The file includes all four meshes, plus two recolours for the spyglass, three for the desk, five for the table and seven recolours for the chair.
Poly count:
- Desk: 3058
- Chair: 1490
- Table: 1141
- Spyglass: 2458

2. Bakeable Country Bread

[COLOR=Red]*requires Open for Business*[/COLOR]

A delicious loaf of freshly baked bread.
This was cloned from the cake and requires OFB and a cooking skill of 7. Appears under make and make many options on the fridge.
Comes with wooden custom plate and serving platter.
Poly count: from 190 (bread) to 3200 (ingredients)

3. Carryable Kerosene Lamp

If you go down to the woods tonight, make sure to light your way.
This lamp can be turned on and off. It can also be placed on most surfaces and on the ground.
It has two main interactions, which allow your sim to pick it up and drop it.
Your sims can have it lit while holding it.
In the catalog, find it under Lighting/Miscellaneous
Poly count: 1248

4. Early Flight Machine

[COLOR=Red]*requires Echo's carnival set*[/COLOR]

Give those victorian technology minded guys something to fiddle with.
This cart works on community lots only, and requires the and found here.
In the catalog: find it in community lots under Miscellaneous.
Poly count: 1996

5. Eerie Green Lantern

Give your houses and streets an eerie touch with this grimy walllamp.
But beware of those ripper-types sneaking up behind!
Poly count:347

6. Medieval Tent/Bed

For the adventurers, cause sleeping under the stars is only fun when it's not raining.
Your sims can use this bed like any other bed, they can sleep or relax in it.
There is a bedcovers recolour and the bed included in the file.
Your sims can enter from both sides, so sometimes they may come through the canvased area.
Found under Comfort/Beds
Poly count: 1832

7. Merchant Basics

[COLOR=Red]*requires Open for Business*[/COLOR]

A set of items for your medieval merchant.
Set consists of worn wood shelves, decra chill, and money chest with beans as computing power.
All five meshes are included in the file.
Poly count
- Money chest: 1270
- Corner shelves, small shelf, larger shelf and food display: 166

8. Old Tome

A decorative tome that could contain all kinds of Dangerous Knowledge.
Comes with a ton of recolours.
Find it under Decorative/Miscellaneous
File includes the mesh and thirteen recolours.
Poly count: 58

9. Steampunker: a Wizard's contraption

[COLOR=Red]*requires Echo's carnival set*[/COLOR]

Mad-maxish cart that'll make your sims squeal in delight, or horror.
This cart works on community lots only, and requires the and found here.
In the catalog: find it in community lots under Miscellaneous.
Poly count: 1000

10. Treasure Chest

A big, solid, wooden chest to stash your loot in.
When you use the interaction "Take Treasure", your sim will walk up to the object and get 10,000 simoleons.
They can use it as many times as they want.
Found under Miscellaneous/ Miscellaneous
Poly count: 626

11. Victorian Carriage

[COLOR=Red]*requires Night Life*[/COLOR]

Very elegant carriage for your Victorian sims.
Sits 4 sims. Has no back lights. Must be placed on a driveway.
Find it under Automotives.
Poly count: 13400

12. Wallmask
A thin, poster-like mesh that allows for all kinds of effects to be placed over walls.
The file comes with four pelt recolours and three steampunk recolours. All included.
Poly count: 4
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: rar Bread.rar (569.6 KB, 18266 downloads)
File Type: zip F-P Victorian (592.3 KB, 16372 downloads)
File Type: rar xan_dp_wallamp01.rar (67.0 KB, 13225 downloads)
File Type: rar Merchant Basics.rar (605.6 KB, 17981 downloads)
File Type: rar Crocobaura_Steampunker.rar (171.8 KB, 10615 downloads)
File Type: rar JB1-Kerosene-Lamp.rar (78.5 KB, 15486 downloads)
File Type: rar Crocobaura_Flying Machine.rar (118.9 KB, 9419 downloads)
File Type: rar JB1-Medieval-Tent-Bed.rar (1.01 MB, 18049 downloads)
File Type: rar JB1-MedievalChest.rar (311.1 KB, 16514 downloads)
File Type: rar Alchemist-office-set+recolours.rar (2.60 MB, 18398 downloads)
File Type: rar Dark-tome+recolours.rar (848.5 KB, 17917 downloads)
File Type: rar tig-lethe-wallmask+recolours.rar (75.7 KB, 13298 downloads)
File Type: rar Alchemist-spyglass-FreeTime.rar (653.8 KB, 10124 downloads)