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Default Object recolours
When the contraption finally stops moving (and you stop screaming) you find yourself in a large barn, amid a crowd of staring artisans. You see rows upon rows of old clocks, ragged pelts and old furniture. "We refurbish them," one of the artisans explains, "give them a lick of paint, fix the cogs and send them back on their way."

[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=4]New Mesh Recolours[/SIZE][/COLOR]

Boblishman Animated Pyramid Clock
- Steampunk recolour
- mesh is here

Boblishman Animated School Wall clock
- Steampunk recolour
- mesh is here

Echo rugs
- six pelts on the floor
- mesh by echo included

Hexagon Wagon
- redwood and darkwood recolor
- Mesh is here

Khakidoo Decorative mantle clock and wall clock
- Steampunk recolours
- meshes are here and here (both of khakidoo's recolors are in the one upload)

Maylin Wall phone
- dark recolour
- mesh is here (much of the texture originally by maylin, modified to look darker and with brass details)

Reflex Fur rugs- six furs
- mesh is here (go to downloads>bathrooms>page1>Habita bathroom)

[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=4]Maxis Recolours[/SIZE][/COLOR]

Community Phone Booth
Dark wood recolour

Cypressus tree
Dark and bare recolour

Easel and card table
Dark recolours

Fire and burglar alarm
Gritty recolorus

Compost Bin
[COLOR=Red]*requires Seasons and the latest CEP*[/COLOR]
Non-shiny dark wood
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: rar Maxis trashcan and mailbox recolors by corvidophile2.rar (79.1 KB, 11586 downloads)
File Type: rar ReflexSims_FurRugs recolors_by corvidophile2.rar (674.8 KB, 10604 downloads)
File Type: rar Maxis easel and cardtable recolors by corvidophile2.rar (63.2 KB, 11254 downloads)
File Type: rar Maxis cypressus recolors by corvidophile2.rar (144.5 KB, 9101 downloads)
File Type: rar Maxis fire-burglar alarm recolors by corvidophile2.rar (22.7 KB, 11047 downloads)
File Type: rar corvidophile2_Maxis_CommunityPhonebooth_recolor2.rar (37.7 KB, 10185 downloads)
File Type: zip (118.9 KB, 9902 downloads)
File Type: zip (145.8 KB, 8205 downloads)
File Type: zip (33.9 KB, 8080 downloads)
File Type: zip (36.1 KB, 8012 downloads)
File Type: zip (427.4 KB, 10267 downloads)
File Type: zip (28.5 KB, 10139 downloads)
File Type: rar corvidophile2_hexameter_horsewaggon_darkwood_2_recolors.rar (197.8 KB, 9909 downloads)