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Default Walls and floors
You walk on, head slightly spinning, and run straight into a wall. Quite a big wall, in fact. "End of the line", a woman behind you says, "there's nothing more after this."

Medieval Village Walls
Thirteen walls to make a cozy old town.

Medieval Village Floors
A set of aged and darkened floors. Mostly adapted from maxis originals.

Mine/Railroad Floors
A puzzle set of ten floors to make a mine or old railroad.

Old grey brick
A set of six messy brick walls and a matching floor.

Old red brick
Fifteen aged red brick walls and a matching floor.

Red and Grey brick
Six brick walls with grey quoining.

Tudor Walls with a darker frame
A big set of 24 Tudor walls, both in clean and 'grunge' version.
It is recommended that you only download one of the Tudor sets, since they're much the same, apart from the frame.

Tudor Walls with a lighter frame
A set of 18 Tudor walls, both in clean and 'grunge' version.

Timberframe walls
A total of nine european style timberframe walls, some clean and some damaged.

Victorian Floors
A small set of victorian floors: Two woods and a nice mosaic floor.

Credit and many thanks to Melly_Sim for a ts1 wall edited and used in the medieval wall set.
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: rar corvidophile2-Tudor walls-darker frame.rar (1.36 MB, 11604 downloads)
File Type: rar corvidophile2-Medieval village walls.rar (749.1 KB, 12575 downloads)
File Type: rar corvidophile2-medieval village floors.rar (1.47 MB, 13652 downloads)
File Type: rar corvidophile2-Tudor walls-lighter frame.rar (1.07 MB, 10524 downloads)
File Type: rar xanathon-Timberframe-walls.rar (544.2 KB, 10516 downloads)
File Type: rar corvidophile2-red-and-grey-brick.rar (450.8 KB, 10462 downloads)
File Type: rar corvidophile-mine-railroad-floors.rar (313.1 KB, 9455 downloads)
File Type: rar corvidophile-old-red-brick.rar (1.09 MB, 10902 downloads)
File Type: rar corvidophile-old-grey-brick.rar (309.1 KB, 11194 downloads)
File Type: rar corvidophile-victorian-floors.rar (101.2 KB, 10295 downloads)