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Default LotAdjuster To Do List
Current To-Do List for the LotAdjuster:

My first priority is to fix problems which prevent people from using the LotAdjuster. Bugs which have a workaround will be fixed as time permits.

Bug Fixes:

- Find and fix the problem with moving the rounded pool pieces from Seasons.

- Find and fix the "jump bug", where sims will jump away from their expected locations, and then jump back immediately after a change in the size of the lot.

New Functionality:

- When an adjustment fails, do not abort the program.

- Allow manipulation of lots in the lot bin: expand, add roads, etc.

- Change Select Lot screen to display lot number and family name (if occupied).

- Allow expansion and manipulation of Sims Stories lots.

- Allow expansion in increments of lot tiles, which are 1/10 the size of neighborhood squares.

- Allow a house to be shifted on the lot. IE, increase one side and decrease the other.

- Remove excess road and sidewalk tiles when lot is expanded at the front.

- Investigate lots with sizes which are not a multiple of 10 tiles.

- Investigate increasing lot size above the 6x6 limit.

- Investigate decreasing lot size below the 1x1 limit.

- Make a separate folder to store the back-up files so the package files are separate from the .bak files.
My primary concern about this suggestion is whether novice users will find it more difficult to recover from an error.

Ideas for New Lot Handling Utilities:

These suggestions may fit into the current LotAdjuster, but would likely make more sense as separate utilities. They could probably reuse a lot of the existing code from LotAdjuster.

- Salvage a Lot: try to salvage a lot which has been damaged. Particularly useful for lots which were expanded when the LotAdjuster / LotExpander didn't handle the installed EPs. I have noticed that some corrupt lots can be fixed by just expanding them a second time (once the LotAdjuster supports the installed EPs / SPs).

- Add or remove roads from a neighborhood. This should be fairly simple... the roads are stored in the Neighborhood Terrain. Possibly an enhancement of HoodReplace:

- Downgrade the EP / SP requirements for a lot. I believe that this is do-able. We just need to delete all new record instances added by the EPs which are being removed, and ensure that the record versions are also downgraded. If someone had Andi's original uploaded source for the LotExpander, then simple "diff"s of the code should give us a good idea of what needs to be changed.

- Rotate a house on a lot. This will implement the "Rotate a House" functionality documented in the link below, but also move the portal to an appropriate place on the lot. Note that this will not change the direction of the sunshine in relation to the house.

- Rotate a house on a lot, so that the sunshine will come into the house from a different direction. This is a fundamentally different, and more complex, operation from the one above. The 2D and 3D arrays will each need to be rotated, based on their format. However, the user should be allowed to choose this with a simple checkbox ("maintain direction of sun?").

- Copy a lot into a neighborhood. Especially useful for roadless lots, such as the lots shipped with Sims Castaway Stories, since the game won't allow roadless lots to be moved or placed in a neighborhood. A possible enhancement would allow community lots to be added to an in-game map.

- Clean sims from a lot. This would allow *safe* sharing of lots which had been played. It would also produce smaller lots for upload. The main question is: how do we find everything that needs to be removed?

- Extract an SC4 file from the terrain information in the neighborhood package. Primary holdup: SimPE DLLs are happy to open an SC4 file, but do not seem to be able to modify it. See also:

- Set the default elevation for each level of a lot. Helpful in making modern lots like my "Lost Angles" upload.

- Add a new level to a lot; remove a level from a lot. The obvious example is adding or removing a foundation from an existing lot.


These suggestions need to be investigated:

- Investigate changing Andi's 1x1 lot into a template, to allow the user to choose the orientation when adding a lot to a neighborhood. This would also allow the lot terrain to conform to the neighborhood terrain.

- Determine which items on a lot are contained in each 2D and 3D Array Instance. Update Sims2Wiki with all available information about file formats.

Completed and released with the LotAdjuster:

- Implement decreasing the lot size, as well as increasing it.

- Allow a lot to be moved away from the road.

- Allow the user to select multiple road configurations: including corner lots, squares (ie, lots which are surrounded by roads), and lots with no road. This will implement the "Create a Corner Lot" functionality which I've documented. Might want to add logic to display the lot being modified, so that it's easier to see where the current "front" of the lot is in a multi-road configuration.

- Investigate making shorter beach lots, possibly using Andi's technique for creating a 1x1 lot:

- Rather than extending the existing lot terrain out from the lot edges, use the correct terrain from the neighborhood file.