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The BaseGameStarter was not designed having in mind a multi-account system. Nevertheless, I always try to comply with a motto: "If you build a house strong enough to withstand a hurricane, it will withstand a storm for sure"

After having examined the code of the BGS and tested it in a multi-account environment, I realized that it works quite fine, with a little care from the user during the installation.
In fact, the only little problem are the icons, if you choose to install them in the Start Menu (no problem at all affect the icons installed on the desktop): since the BGS installs the icon in the "All-Users" Start Menu, the icons for an account might overwrite the icons for another accounts, causing malfunctions when starting the test games.

The BaseGameStarter must be installed for every account used for playing; in other words, you have to run the installer again, after logging in with the second account.
Every time you run the installer it's advisable (but not required) that you always choose the same installation options. In any case, deselect the option "Uninstall previous installation", otherwise you will lose the installations made for the other accounts!
Most important: choose the right location for the icons. As said, the icons installed on the desktop of one account won't conflict with the icons installed for the other accounts; therefore, choosing the option "Install icons / on desktop" is always safe. But if you want to install the icons in the Start Menu, then you must assign a different sub-menu name for each account: when the installer suggest the standard name "BaseGameStarter PRO", change it to something unique (e.g. "BGS - Account1", "BGS - Account2" etc).

Be careful with the uninstallation, because part of the uninstallation info is shared between the multiple BGS instances.
You should uninstall (via the Add/Remove program) the BGS from one account and then manually delete the various "BaseGameStarter" folders from the various Documents folders. Manually delete also all the icons created in the Start Menu and on the various desktops.

Starting the game using the icons from the desktop is always safe. In case you use the Start Menu, be sure to choose the sub-menu related to the account you are logged on. Using the icons created for another accounts won't work!
If you get an error while running a BGS game, or running the Full game, run the Repair Installation routine, by using the "Help" icon on the desktop (or in the sub-menu for the account you are currently using). As often suggested, you should run the Repair routine several times, until no errors are issued (reboot the PC if you can't get rid of the "can't rename" error, and try again).

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