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Alarm Important info
*** Using the BASEGAMESTARTER with Windows VISTA ***

I finally could run my tests with Windows Vista

The results are that The BaseGameStarter works perfectly with Windows Vista: both installing the test games and playing them gives no problems whatsoever.

There is only one little annoyance: whenever you play a test game, the BaseGameStarter needs to modify some values in the Windows Registry, and therefore Vista issues an alert, asking the user to confirm if the Registry should be accessed. This happens several times, before starting the game and after it has been closed (in normal conditions, up to 3 three times in total).

When you are requested to allow the changes to the Windows Registry, you must answer affirmatively, otherwise the game can't start or can't be restored properly.

Also, please note that it may happen that the confirmation request is minimized to the bottom program bar:

If this happens, reveal the confirmation window by clicking on the flashing button, on the bar, and then answer affirmatively to the request.

NOTE: I've run all my tests using an account with administrative rights.
Using this account, I've installed the game and all the EPs, then the CEP, the Scriptorium and the BaseGameStarter: all the mentioned add-on and tools worked perfectly fine (with the only little annoyance described above).

I've finally started my Journal. Information only, no questions.

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