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I've got lost in deleting the infos in 2D and 3D arrays... here

I've got a "broken" lot acting like a 10x20 lot while graphically like 30x30 lot. :slapface:
In the lot view, half of the grassy terrain are occupied by the unbuildable road rows/columns.

May view the pix according to their filenames in numeric order.

The first pic shows the in-lot view before the neighbourhood relocation.
The second shows that I was trying to build a partition like walls over the road sectors but failed.
The third shows I removed the road tiles with the moveobjects on cheat.

Attached is the exported lot file and the lot file and the N003 neighbourhood file.
Also included is the exported paralellel road-tiled 30x30 lot.
I've already trimmed their useless jpg files to reduce their sizes as suggested by andi's posts.

As for the 30x30 lot screenshots, I guess the pix tell most already.
But note that the bill-collector had passed the road to the edge in the buildable area while wandering, and then it has to move back to about 5 to 6 grids away from that end to get prepared to leave the "world".

It seems the first service vehicle is assignedly placed past the mailbox intentionally for further service vehicles to place after it.

Added after Inge's posts:

Wow, it seems the grassy land has been elongated and pushed the beachline out... Wow... while part of the road is flooded with beach water for the pier lot... a mishap phase for terrain mapping... seemingly?

Yay, Inge, you're amazing, you just made the bit that breaks the limit again... So a lot can be much larger than 64 for a particular side... Ultra Zest!

Seemingly, if the beachlines can be figured out and how it is added from the template for various lot sizes, beach lot be long like the pier lot!

Also, to add an extra mailbox and barbage cans,
may get the collection files here to put >1 in a lot to test... :D
Gonna try so half a day later... I've 2 go 4 now.
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: rar 10x20lot-failure1-et-Moi-2sided-30x30.rar (263.2 KB, 6 downloads)