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The mislocated road pieces can be built with the moveobjects on cheat already, but simPe had been giving me some hard times to save lots properly in-game until I turned it down for a while before I run the game again for proper saving on the neighbourhood and lot files...
The problem is only that simpe prevented these files to get over-written by the game even the files are closed in simPe.
Just some dumb moments for the memory dumps.

Oh yes, knowing how the lot edge is locked to build is the way to probably disable it :D
But, I'll worry about the stability of the resultant. I had used fences as default replacement for the wall-1 wall partition and built it at the edges of a testing dummy lot. Access to that lot without the default replacement crashed the game but at least not a deadly crash to the whole game system like some custom windows do that I had to reinstall the whole game .
So, a by-passing strategy is necessary to stabilise partitions that "support" the next level of gridlines in a lot or enervate the check.

Originally Posted by Inge Jones
No it doesn't work on ponds at all. I think EA hardcoded that the sims cannot go where there is pond water. Testing with a pond with water in, the sim just gets a slope icon. Using exactly the same pond, after a land-lowering click in the right place has let the water go down, the sim can happily pretend to swim in the now-empty pond. On the other hand, sea water is not counted as water at all. A sim will quite happily walk under the sea if you tell him to.

Can sims become moving pond plants? :D
added the attached 3 pix for the next post.