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Originally Posted by niol
Not necessarily true for overlapping lots, this kinda lot can still be shared and made multiple copies at once by file replacement at lot folder.

As long as the dummy replaced lot fits in the original lot specs of the expanded lot, just copy the lot for multiple duplications and rename them accordingly. I don't see that a hard job to do so.

This is a technique that I've used from the beginning, but I'm not sure whether some people would find it too difficult. I suppose that someone could try writing a tutorial about overlapping lots... The technique is very do-able once you understand the orientation issues.

Originally Posted by niol
A lot file seems to record the fence posts to record where the walls and fences are at. What do you think?
How to fool the game to recognise the walls as fences while avoiding the gridline atop of the walls to cause crashes?

I'll really have to do some research into this... I just don't have any idea how these record types work. Certainly, the wall graph (WGRA), wall layer (WLAY) and fence post layer (FPST) might be good places to start the research.