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Default Testers Wanted: Lot Shrinker
WARNING to everyone:

This is an UNSUPPORTED TEST version of the LotExpander ( Use at your own risk.

Here is a link to the current supported version of this tool:

Changes from 1.2.7:

- The LotExpander now has the option of shrinking the size of a lot.

- 1. Objects on land to be deleted may not be handled correctly. You should be sure that the land is empty before trying to shrink. If there is anything on the area of the lot which is removed, the lot may appear to function correctly until it is put into the Lot Catalog. When taken from the Lot Catalog and placed into a neighborhood, the lot may cause the game to crash.

- 2. Shifting a building on a lot has not been implemented. If you shrink in one direction, you cannot grow on the other side of the lot. However, these two operations should be able to be done in two separate runs.

- There is now a Browse button on the Lot Selection screen, to allow you to choose a lot based on lot number or date, rather than name.

- The final screen now has a "Restart" button, which takes you back to the initial screen.

Changes from

- Resolved an issue where some portals were not moved to the correct locations on the new lot.

- Resolved an issue where some lots were expanded or shrunk in an incorrect location.

- Resolved an issue where the LotExpander would crash if it couldn't determine the primary neighborhood. This may resolve some crashes that people are experiencing when clicking on the "Start" button on the initial introduction screen.

- Swapped the Exit and Restart buttons on the final screen, so that Exit remains in the same place on the screen for the initial and final screens. However, Exit is still the default action for the final screen, regardless of it's position.

Finally, I temporarily removed the logic which deletes the view of the lot in the neighborhood. plasticbox seems to like this better... if I get enough favorable comments, I may decide to keep this new behavior.


Removed TEST version.

A new test version with fence posts fixed is available at: