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Default build mode - partition infos
Quote: Originally posted by aelflaed
In other news, I've successfully rotated a 1x1 built lot, putting the road to one side rather than to the opposite end of the block.
There is a balcony on the house - all the posts disappeared, as Plasticbox reported with the row house. Easily fixed by replacing the fence, as the balcony is in the buildable area. Something to mention under 'issues' perhaps.

Cool... :D
As for the partitions's buildability,

1. fences can be built basically anywhere in a lot.
2. Season-Greenhouse fence can be built on up to the last second lining to the lot edges. Shadowing can be disabled. They can be set to support upper levels.
3. Half-walls consists of both the "fence" part and the "wall" part, and so it follows the limitations on both.
4. Fence-arch can be built on up to the last second lining to the lot edges. A grid far is reserved when it meets walls. It can also overlap fences and greenhouse fences. The only default has no diagonal mesh and so it's disabled to work diagonally. Surely, custom ones can have diagonal meshes and diagonal buildability.