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Problems on keeping up with the thread

Lol, I guess most of us are having problems to keep up with the thread...
so, how about, we have to state out the experiment, the goal, the results clearly probably in point form, so we can all read them faster before missing certain points and getting confused in the process?

[build mode - partition infos]

Originally Posted by plasticbox
(Missing fence posts)
Yes, I fixed all the fences after shrinking. Except for that one halfwall on the right front porch, which is unfixable.

I also have missing fence-post problems for my row house after shrunk from 30x40 into 10x20. I didn't shrank the front but twice for the back. The sides ar both trimmed by 10 lot tiles. But I've figured how to solve it in my case.

Solution 1:
just use one fence and drag it to the missing posts to recover them without deleting the fences or half-walls.
The additional fence can reactivate the fence to reform. This is a property of modular objects in game.
Lol, Mootilda, may leave it as a feature for making postless fences even if this can be saved. Just 1 more advanced option... :D

Solution 2:
Lol, use a fence-based default replacement on that half-wall to build the post back.
namely, make a default replacement clone of that half wall, turn it into a fence alone, and then use that clone to replace in-game half-wall. Rebuild the halfwall, and then remove the modded clone. Voila.
So, please tell which half-wall it is. or if you can to clone the original one out and send it to me, I think it can help. or if you know someone to help do his, go ahead. or, you know how to do it yourself...
Lol, but, this can only be an experiment coz fence-based replacement failed for wall1 walls to be built at the edge in the base game.