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Default Testers Wanted: Lot Shrinker with Fence Post fix
WARNING to everyone:

This is an UNSUPPORTED TEST version of the LotExpander ( I am making it available so that people can help me test the new shrinking code. Use at your own risk.

Here is a link to the current supported version of this tool:


There have been reports of intermittent in-game crashes when playing lots which were reduced in size using this tool. It's possible that all shunken lots are corrupted during the shrinking process. These lots may not be recoverable.

If you are using the LotExpander to shrink a lot which you want to keep, be sure to make a backup of your lot before shrinking it, and to keep that backup until you are absolutely certain that the lot is not corrupt.

If you decide to share a shrunken lot created with this test version, please do not share these lots without warning people about the possible corruption caused by using an unfinished feature in this test version of the LotExpander.

Changes from 1.2.7:

- The LotExpander now has the option of shrinking the size of a lot.
1. Land to be removed must be completely empty of objects and sims. If it is not, shrinking the lot may result in lot corruption and unexpected crashes. If a sim is currently interacting with an object on land which will be deleted, stop your sim and direct them onto the land which will be kept.

2. Shifting a building on a lot has not been implemented. If you shrink in one direction, you cannot grow on the other side of the lot. However, these two operations should be able to be done in two separate runs.
- There is now a Browse button on the Lot Selection screen, to allow you to choose a lot based on lot number or date, rather than name.

- The final screen now has a "Restart" button, which takes you back to the initial screen.

- Resolved an issue where the LotExpander would crash if it couldn't determine the primary neighborhood.

- Temporarily removed the logic which deletes the view of the lot in the neighborhood.

- An intermittent problem with missing fence posts after expanding or shrinking a lot has been fixed.


Test version removed because:

This version may cause the game to CORRUPT your lot and neighborhood!