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Default [Lot -shrinking] - troubleshooting - streetlight?, fencePostLayer
[Lot -shrinking] - troubleshooting - streetlight?

The street light also occupy an invisible grid for lamp position?
The upper part of the light is occupying an extra grid out.


Quote: Originally posted by Mootilda
If you want to delete all of the fence posts, try deleting the FPL record. No need for the LotExpander to have an advanced feature for this.


I wonder what happens if you add a new fence after deleting the FPL?

The fence post wlll just get omitted while additions can regenerate a new fence post layer file for only the new additions. So, the fence-posts are treated differently from the fence rails.

For those posts on an upper level, there is the value 01 to indicate those fence posts are on the upper level named 01 instead of the ground 00.

So, by editting the fence post layer, one can make fences to postless or even just the posts without new game contents.

The attached pix is based on my conclusion plus infos from the wiki