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Default [ lot level number], [record formats (lots and neighbourhood)]

Guess I'm already tricked by my ignorance before Holloween...
But true, I didn't worry about that at all ...

good for you to skip BV to avoid all the craps Maxis has delivered. Maybe, after they "can" fix their messes.

[ lot level number]

1. lot level number:
guess I just figured out where the level numbers are at

01. world database: the one after height and width resembling them: (N-1)
02. 3D arrays: the one after height and width resembling them: (N) except instance 14 where (N-1)
03. wall graphs: the one after height and width: (N).

Now, I'm gonna try to see if I can alter a lot level number like that.
No crash so far for an empty lot.

The attached jpg "only-worlddatabase-levelvalue=7" shows an empty lot with just the worlddatabase's level number altered to 7. I can access up to level 7, but probably due to lack of corresponding alterations on the other 2 sets of files. the light-mapping is messed up and lights can light up the scene.

the attached "noWallGraphFix" just shows the walls are built at 0 height, so all the levels are on the ground now . For this setting, I've only altered both the worlddatabase and the 3D arrays only.

I've tried to alter all 3 types, but the results remain the same as the "noWallGraphFix".

So, there're something missing.

However, after relocation, the walls still couldn't form properly, (no graphical components but I'm using easy wall setting.)
Yet, I could make a foundation block. On it, I can build wall segments of 4-click-high.

from the pix of wall1a & b, it shows the grid layers were compressed down to the ground. :D

I now have a theory that the grid layer by default is actually on the ground level and a replicated copy of the first gridlayer of a given lot. It's the build tools that make them separate by 4 or 16 click-high.

Making either flattop or flat bottom false in wall.txt will impair some of the wall build tool limitation. With V1ND1CARE's undo-redo-scripting to by-pass the build tool limits, we can already build walls<4-click-high for at least a level above the ground level. But if we can impair or even control the height by wallgraph and/or 3D arrays, we may be able to get more <4-click-high walls built in >1 level?

[record formats (lots and neighbourhood)]

2.more on fence data:
Wall layer instance 4 has references on the fences as well.

3. the H and W values for wall graphs are not arbitrarily (N+1) but at least >(N+1), for many built lots.