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Originally Posted by Mutantbunny
On the row houses--the peaked roof bothers the hell outa me

With "peaked roof", you mean like the way I built them? Nooo, they're not bothersome! Not in reality, at least .. see pretty pictures below. Totally cute, aren't they?

I have no idea how the drainage works, though .. but I assume it works *some*how, those houses have been around for a couple hundred years. Those are called "Giebelhäuser" (gable houses) in German, they're everywhere between the Baltic Sea and Bohemia. Still available in much uglier contemporary row house style (which is kinda what I was aiming for with my sim interpretation).

Mootilda, thanks for the info re. roofing, spares me some testing =). And yes, roof with wall at ends = gable roof.

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