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Okay, some of you have reported problems with the male teen mesh. Because this was, I think my first mesh ever, this isn't a big surprise . Unfortunately I can't actually reproduce the problem myself, and these work just dandy for me. I did however notice a mistake I made when making the original package. It shouldn't actually do anything, but it's the only thing I can think of that may cause these sporadic problems, so I made a shiny new package for these pjs which is attached. The actual mesh remains the same so has the same face and vertex count and uv mapping as the original.

I'd very much appreciate hearing any reports on whether this works for people who have had problems with the old mesh.

This will not work with any previous recolors other than the ones in the zip attached here!! . It's a new mesh package, so you can recolor this one or link recolors of the old one to it, but recolors of the old mesh won't work with this without fiddling

Please do let me know here or in pm if this does the trick. If it seems to be workable, I'll try to do a broader release with newer recolors
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