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Default Little Beach Lots
aelflaed! Thanks for offering this info up! And thank you Mootilda for changing your mind on this! This is a welcome turn around! Thank goodness!

Small Beach lots! All of them require an initial entry, build action, save and exit to 'heal' the blue tears apparent from the hood initally.

The 2xs and above have played perfectly for me, appear perfectly, placed perfectly. I have tried these on the two custom beach-usable terrains I have. Of course, the lots require placement on the 'right' slope. But they have placed fine for me on the beach terrains I play. Please test them on your terrains.

The 1xs (1x3, 1x4, 1x5) have a 'blue tear' at the water end which simply will not go away! This tear was not apparent in the original hood where these were made after the inital entry/build/save and exit. I could move them anywhere in that hood and they appeared fine. However, when moved to my second hood, the blue tear appears and will not go away (out out damn spot!) Because of this tear, I have not played these lots much. You might not want them either because of this. BUT, I have played one of Andi's lots which has the tear and it has played fine over and over again. So I don't think the tear interfers with play, just looks. The tear is such that it can be hidden easily--have a look. There is the possiblity that the 1xs blue tear will go away on a different terrain than what I have. Testing is needed here!

All of these lots were not placeable on some other beach terrains I tried. I don't think this is a problem with the lots--but it may be. I think it is a problem with beach lots in general on slopes that are wrong for beach lots.Testing is needed.

I think the 2xs and above sizes are fine. The zip contains a complete set of 'missing' sizes from 1x3 on up. Anything shorter in length than 3 squares simply isn't playable as there is no build area available. The notation of the sizing of these lots is consistant with most EA sizing--add one more square to count the road area for total length of lot.

Have fun with them!

NOTE: Some here are worried that a corrupt lot file can corrupt your other game files. This may be so, so be safe: MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR GAME FOLDER before installing and using these lots.

EDIT: There are three files in the lot packages along with the lot file and if you use clean installer to install a lot you'll see them. What they are: pedestrian, car, beach and wave effect portals. Inge made a buyable version of these and that is what got packaged up with the lots. Simply don't load them into your game (uncheck them in the clean installer) if you don't want them, the lot will simply grab the maxis originals and all will be fine.
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