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Default Finding a Location for Spear Point
In my example of copying the Spear Point lot, I want to place the new lot on the water's edge near The Lava Pools.

The Lot Description for The Lava Pools has the coordinates Left = 128 and Top= 189.

I want the new lot to be offset from The Lava Pools a bit, so I start by setting the coordinates for Spear Point to Left = 128 and Top = 209. Because this is a beach lot, I leave the Z value alone so that the new lot will have the same height, which should result in the same water level.

Running the game with these new values shows that the lot needs to be rotated clockwise and moved closer to The Lava Pools.

So, I rotate the lot by changing the U11 value from 0x02 to 0x01, and continue to refine the Left and Top values until I'm happy with the location of the new lot.

The result? A great new seaside lot for my sims!