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Sorry, I thought I read the last 2 posts while not .

Originally Posted by aelflaed
Slightly off-topic - someone asked whether I could make the Sunnyside lots in a desert terrain version. I expect it's beyond my capabilities, but I don't know if it is worse than that. Is it possible?

For later EPs the lot seems to pick up the hood terrain as a base, but it doesn't for basegame, so a desert set would be nice. If someone made a 1x1, I could do the rest with the LE.

Originally Posted by Mootilda
I seem to remember niol doing some research on this... I think that there's a simple field which can be changed... niol?

Update: Guess I was wrong. Used the thread search tools but couldn't find the information that I was thinking about.

This is a bad time for me to try to do any research on this, because I just got Free Time and will be spending my time updating the LotExpander.

However, remind me after the LotExpander for Free Time is released and I'll see whether I can figure something out.

The post was 295

The relevant quote:
I fooled around on how to switch the lot terrain texture.
It's really interesting that the "lot terrain texture" reference in the Lot Description file of the Neighbourhood package file. has no effect on how the lot package file presents its lot terrain autonomously. Probably, this is for the custom terrain painting?
Anyway, in the neighbourhood view, blending may occur.

Once a lushy lot is dumped into a desertoid neighbourhood, the "lot terrain texture" reference is automatically switched to the desertoid terrain texture "lottexture-canvas-desert" in the Lot Description file of the Neighbourhood package file, but this won't change the reference in the lot package file automatically. I'm unsure of Maxis original intentions.

OK, now about how I did in a way,

I basically switched the lot texture files between a lushy lot and a desertoid lot for my laziness and it appears to work for my purpose. Note to alter the lot size values W and H accordingly as instructed in Andi's 1x1 lot creation here (The link is just for references)

the file be "lot-terrain-texture-template.rar"

Just major 2 things to do:

1. import the desired terrain type template into the lot,
2. in the newly imported file update the lot width and height from the old one and commit
3. delete the old one
4.. save the lot package file

please ask for further questions if any.