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Hi, I playtested this lot considerably. I have a vested interest in the Lot Expander and I want to help out anyway I can. This house has the same issue that I'm having with a beachhouse that I built on a shunken beach lot. I have all EP's and SP's up to BV and on hot days, the sims don't cool off or stay cool inside. The sims entered the lot at 8am and were at heatstroke by noon. I tested first for 5 sims days straight, then I exited without saving, re-tested (6 total times) with the same effect on 3 hot days and 3 times it rained and they stayed cool. I then tried the house in a hood that's all summer, tested for 5 days and they stayed at heatstoke. Just to be sure, I then moved them out and into a different house in the same all summer hood and they did just fine. I also put up walls on all sides once to see if that would help. I plan to post my findings about the beach lot in that thread tomorrow when I have more time. Hope this helps!

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