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Default Useful Links
Here are some links to other useful downloads:

Portal Revealer:
This tool allows you to see, move and rotate portals on your lot:

Buyable Mailbox:

Small Lots:
Now everyone can create lots of whatever size they wish with LotAdjuster. Here are links to expandable lots which are 1 wide or 1 deep, and which have the sun shining on the back of the lot:


If you prefer the sun to shine from the front of the lot, take a look at aelflaed's brand new sunnyside lots:


And here are some North- and South- facing 2XN lots:

15 Levels in a Base-Game Lot:

Pseudo Rowhouses:
Here is a tutorial on how to build a pseudo-rowhouse:

Here are some pseudo-rowhouses which were created using LotAdjuster 1.1:

Shrunken Test Lots:
Here is a list of the original test lots which were created using LotAdjuster 1.0:

Empty Shrunken Beach Lots, created with an early test version of the LotAdjuster:

Elsewhere Neighborhood:
If you want to see some things that you can do with the LotAdjuster, take a look at plasticbox's Elsewhere neighborhood: