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Default LotAdjuster Release History
This is the release history for the LotAdjuster:

Release 3.6:

Bug Fixes:
- Handle custom paintings.

New Features:
- Remove furniture.
- Make lot hidden or visible.
- Change between beach and normal lot.
- Remove unused terrain paints. This may solve a problem where lots would turn blue without custom terrain paints.
- Override the base terrain paint for a lot, with the neighborhood terrain. Sometimes your lot will be changed to a beach terrain because it is too low or too close to the beach. This will change the base terrain paint back to the standard for your neighborhood.

- Code cleanup.
- Better final message when not changing lot size.
- Better error handling:
- - Deal with bad or missing neighborhood package.
- - Handle errors parsing FAMI record.

Release 3.5:

Enhanced Functionality:
If the LotAdjuster finds a corrupt Vertex record which is causing problems when shrinking the lot, the Vertex record will be deleted. Lots with a corrupt Vertex record will now be able to be shrunken correctly without any intervention by the user.

This will have a slight side effect: you may be allowed to place objects on gird points even though the location is already occupied. There is no evidence that this has any serious side effects, since it is functionally equivalent to using the "moveobjects on" cheat.

Release 3.4:

Bug fixes:
- Resolve "Unknown error" problem.
- Fix up/down value changed event handler issue.
- Remove (unused) code which allows walls along the edge of the lot.

Release 3.3:

Enhanced Functionality:
- New option to regenerate roads. At this time, only straight roads will be paved, but the game should regenerate the corners. This option is particularly useful for lots which cannot be moved in the neighborhood, such as lots which have been expanded into the water.
- Family name is now appended to lot name in the lot selection screen.
- A limited number of changes are now allowed for occupied apartments, including the ability to change the lot class.

Bug fixes:
- Fix more problems with non-standard hood names.
- Road-only lots are now disallowed, because they will crash the game.
- Fixed a problem where portals were sometimes incorrectly placed on lots with side roads.
- Flattening of roads has been broken since version 3.0. Instead of flattening the entire road, only the edge was being flattened. Fixed.

Release 3.2:

Bug fixes:
- Adjust vertex layer. Resolves "can't intersect other objects" error which could occur even when there is no such object. Lots with this problem that were adjusted with any previous version of the LotExpander or LotAdjuster can only be fixed by deleting the VERT record in the lot package; this should cause no problem since the record will regenerate for all new objects added to the lot, and for all existing objects which are moved.
- Avoid a crash when resetting default values which can occur on exit.

Release 3.1:

Enhanced Functionality:
- Allow hood prefixes which are not 4 characters long or which otherwise do not match standard naming conventions.

Release 3.0:

Enhanced Functionality:
- Sizes are now specified in lot-sized tiles, rather than neighborhood-sized tiles.
- You can now expand one side and shrink the other in the same session, allowing the existing lot to be shifted right, left, forwards or back.

Bug fixes:
- Handle an EA bug where pool surface is not correctly resized, resulting in an inability to shrink an empty portion of the lot.

Release 2.7:

Bug fixes:
- Fixed a problem which occurred when updating the neighborhood terrain from the lot terrain.

Release 2.6:

Enhanced Functionality:
- New option to update the neighborhood terrain with the lot terrain.
- If the LotAdjuster has access to its installation directory, it will maintain the "Versioned Backups" setting across sessions.
- Better error message for empty lots.
- "Keep current lot elevation" option is now the default.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed a conflict with pond water on a lot which is flooded with neighborhood water.

Release 2.5:

Enhanced Functionality:
- Change the file extension of the LotAdjuster backups from ".BAK" to ".BKP", to avoid a conflict with SimPE backups. This is especially important since some versions of SimPE will unnecessarily delete .bak files.

- Add a new advanced option "Versioned backups" to allow multiple versions of the backup files to be kept. If this option is chosen, the neighborhood and lot package backups will have a unique number associated with them, so that these backups will not be overwritten the next time that the LotAdjuster is run. Because two new backup files will be generated with each adjustment, you should be sure to cleanup backups when you are finished with them.

Release 2.4:

Bug fixes:
- Fix crash which occurred with very large lot class values.

Release 2.3:

Now works with EPs / SPs through Mansion & Garden Stuff.

Enhanced Functionality:
- Allow user to force class value of lots.

Release 2.2:

Enhanced Functionality:
- Change last "Next >" button to "Finish", to let people know that changes will be committed if they press the button. (requested)

Bug fixes:
- Resolve x64 issues using the information in this section: "1.44 References to 32-bit COM components may not work in VB and C# Applications running on 64-bit platforms" of this link:

Release 2.1:

Enhanced Functionality:
- Occupied apartments will no longer appear in the list of lots.
- An error message is displayed if an occupied apartment is selected using the "Browse" button.

Release 2.0:

Now works with EPs / SPs through Apartment Life.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed a problem where large fonts would cause the text inside of the window to be cut off.
- Warn user if road is not at a relative elevation of 0 - the game may not handle these lots well.

Release 1.1:

Bug fixes:
- Fixed an intermittent problem where the pool surface would become out-of-sync with the actual pool.

- Restricted ability to remove road at the front of the lot, if any other road exists on the lot. TS2 requires that a road exists at the front, unless there are no other roads.

- Fixed an issue with 7 bit strings which contain multi-byte characters.

- Fixed an issue where the position of the portals did not reflect the existence of additional roads on the lot.

Enhanced Functionality:
- Reduced restrictions on shrinking, to allow pseudo rowhouses:
a) Walls can now touch the lot edge, as long as they are perpendicular to the lot edge.
b) Roofs can touch the lot edge, but attic walls must follow the perpendicular rule.
c) Fence posts can exist at the lot edge, but fences must follow the perpendicular rule.

- Expanded terrain now takes its shape from the neighborhood terrain.

- Roads will be flattened automatically. New advanced option to allow uneven roads.

- New options for lot edges: smooth, flatten, and match neighborhood terrain.

- Change elevation of portals to the standard elevation of the road. Portals will not be at the correct elevation for uneven roads.

Release 1.0:

Initial release.