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First of all, this type of problem is linked to the wall partitions probably just attic walls? or the game engine rather than LA itself.

Originally Posted by plasticbox
(for the record, instead of doing a full in-game test it should be sufficient to check for this kind of thing in debug mode .. there is a key combination (don't recall right now which one, i'd have to try-and-error it) that reports x/y coordinates, in/outside-ness, floorpaint etc etc if you click on a tile)

If you meant the "shift-alt" key combination, then the following is what I've got.

Oddly enough, it's really "considered" not "outside"according to the rule of "closed partition room".

Out of my 3 tests in summer in a NL-OFB-SS-BV copy, only 1 instance got heatsroke.

So, this may infer that the heatstroke/temperature algorithm somehow doesn't follow the "outside" rule of "closed partition room". or, there may be some other checks for the feeling on weather in-game. Since I barely know those parts of the game, I can't tell.

Right now, I'm guessing partition-walls (default wall1 wall, attic wall, foundation wall, etc..) higher than the standard height will all have the same problem, so I'm trying to do some testings on that. Surely, anyone is welcome to join.
Say, to build some default walls and make them extend higher as a part of a room to see if those rooms have the same problem.

It sucks the game was set to have all those crappy limits if so.

For example, when you have a steep angle gable roof, the wall pieces stretch higher than a normal room height. If you delete them and replace with normal walls, the room becomes indoor temperature even if you leave the gap at the top!

Omg, in one of my tests in NL-OFB-SS-BV, I still get heatstroke. Heatstroke normally comes at the night time.

In a series of repetitive save-and-reload testings, basically, I alteratively swapped between the default wall and attic walls in a save-and-reload manner, I've got a mixed series of results that I find them inconclusive at all. I have no idea from where the issues are originated.

1. I don't find my sims get heat-stroke all the time. Mostly at night instead after several hours of lot-reloading and PC reboots.

2. I removed the attic walls higher than standard parts and replaced them with default walls and saved the game and reloaded the lot, after a while ~30 sims mins the heatstroke seemed to disappear. But then, the next sims night, the sims got heatstroke in the room again.
So, I housed the sims-accessible areas (all rooms) with default walls of standard height only, saved and reloaded the game. The sims carried on getting heatstroke after a sims hour before suddenly cooled down.
So then, I removed the standard default walls in the living room, so the bedroom and bathroom were still in fully closed default wall rooms. Saved and reloaded the lot. The sims seemed OK without heatstroke for the night.
The next sims day, finally I got the sims with heatstorke all through the house during day-time.

3. all through this test, the kid sims hadn't heatstroke. But in real life, kids are more prone to it, right?

4. I've decided to stop there and withdrawn further testings.

5. PS, rains didn't get into the "inside" of the lot.