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Oxford Shirts, Dress Shirts, Sport Shirts - top only

Maxis recolor, no mesh needed

17 recolors
- 3 default replacements of cowboy shirts, changed to solid dress shirts with pockets
- 6 Oxford shirts, solid, NO pockets, different back than Maxis
- 5 striped dress shirts
- 3 plaid pattern sport shirts

I replaced three Maxis cowboy shirts with plain, solid color shirts, no design on the back. You can still have the Maxis shirts in your game, but as *custom* shirts, if you delete the 3 cowboy default packages and download the cowboy shirt custom zip file.

I've also attached a picture of some Maxis solid colored shirts that work well with this collection.

cm shirts - my 17 recolors, Oxfords, striped dress shirts, default replacements of cowboy shirts
(I made adult female cowgirl shirt default replacements in another thread)

cm Maxis cowboy - 3 Maxis cowboy shirts, but as *custom clothing*
(this 2nd file is optional, if you don't want the Maxis cowboy shirts, don't get it)
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: zip cm shirts - Oxford - striped - pattern - (1.79 MB, 3320 downloads)
File Type: zip cm Maxis cowboy shirts as (220.5 KB, 2566 downloads)

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