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update March 3 2018 untuckable AF/TF/EF cowboy pants with preg morph here, not in this thread
update June 4 2010 EF mesh, fixed weird lower leg shape
update July 18 2009 AF and TF meshes updated, wider pants, AF wider knees
update Apr 5 2009 The EF mesh is now untuckable. (untucked recolors)


TF AF EF bottomPantsCowboyBoots 836 polys, same as Maxis

TF bottomHipFlarePantsBoots 812 polys, same as Maxis
TF bodyHipJacketWideFlaredPants 2208 polys, same as Maxis
TF bodyHipBlazerFlaredPants 2216 polys, same as Maxis

These files are based on HP's modesty files. Remove HP's and use mine instead. The textures are HP's, used with permission.
HP file: DEFAULTREPLACEMENT-TFBottomHipFlarePantsBoots...HystericalParoxysm...
HP file: DEFAULTREPLACEMENT-AFTFBottomPantsCowboyBoots...HystericalParoxysm...
HP file: DEFAULTREPLACEMENT-TFBodyHipJacket...HystericalParoxysm...
HP file: DEFAULTREPLACEMENT-TFBodyHipBlazer...HystericalParoxysm...

Here we have cowboy jeans for teens, adults, and elders.
Also, flared pants for teens, quite similar to the cowboy pants.
And two teen full body outfits that have flared pants.
I didn't change the textures on them, that work is HP's.

UPDATE 10/31/08 - Oops, I had forgotten to remove the 3D ridges in the teen body jacket and teen body blazer meshes. That's done now, like in HP's version, so you can make the shirts underneath the blazer or jacket any length you want. The jacket mesh has a CHANGED UV MAP!

cowboy pants replacements for men (teen to elder)
cowboy pants replacements for boys
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: zip DEFAULT-TFBodyHipBlazerFlaredPants 7 18 (1.53 MB, 2520 downloads)
File Type: zip DEFAULT-TFBodyHipJacketWideFlaredPants 7 18 (1.16 MB, 2283 downloads)
File Type: zip DEFAULT-TFBottomHipFlarePantsBoots 7 18 (1,017.1 KB, 2362 downloads)
File Type: 7z DEFAULT-AFTFEFBottomPantsCowboyBoots_6_4_2010.7z (1.48 MB, 2459 downloads)

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