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UPDATE July 18 2009 - TF, AF pants widened, AF wider knees

TF AF bottomFlairedPantsSandals 872 polys, same as Maxis
YF AF bodyOvershirtPantsSandals 2156 polys, same as Maxis

The pants file is based on HP's modesty file. Remove HP's file and use mine instead.
HP file: DEFAULTREPLACE-AFTFBottomFlairedPantsSandals...HystericalParoxysm...

My version doesn't look flared. I could have made bell bottoms, but decided against it so these are bootcut skinny jeans.
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: zip DEFAULT-AFTFBottomFlairedPantsSandals 7 18 (1.10 MB, 2265 downloads)
File Type: zip DEFAULT-AFBodyOvershirtPantsSandals 7 18 (97.8 KB, 2064 downloads)

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