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Default Clothing

Peacock Showgirl
Sims are great fans of the performing arts, especially when the artists doing the performing are wearing tiny outfits and enormous headdresses! This showgirl outfit is styled after one of nature's showiest animals, the peacock, and makes for an absolutely stunning look! (Mesh + Recolours)
- Dress mesh 3377 poly, Base game
- Headdress mesh 938 poly, Base game

Chippendales' Dancers
Not to be outdone by the gorgeous showgirls, the blokes are all about skimpy costumes and big muscles when they're on stage. This handsome Chippendale dancer costume is sure to send any young sim's heart a-flutter! (Mesh + Recolours)
- 2782 poly, Base game

Themed waitress outfits
When you've got a casino with a theme so completely immersive that your sims completely lose track of the outside world, you have to make sure your staff look the part too! This gorgeous mermaid themed waitress outfit is perfect for an aquatic themed venue, white the toga is a must have for ancient Greek or Roman styled venues!

- Base game
- Mesh Required:
Meshes--> Fashion-->Female Adult-->Page 17-->Top row, Middle

- Base game
- Mesh Required:
Meshes--> Fashion-->Female Adult-->Page 17-->Top row, Middle

- Base game
- Mesh Required:
Meshes--> Fashion-->Female Adult-->Page 20


Cocktail Dress
If you've got it, flaunt it... But do it in style with the classic lines of these long flowing cocktail dresses!

- Base game
- Mesh Required:
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: rar highrollers-cocktaildress-recolours.rar (2.17 MB, 2436 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-MermaidWaitress-Clothing.rar (413.3 KB, 1960 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-PoppaeaToga-Clothing.rar (224.1 KB, 1876 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-SciFiSpaAttendant-Clothing.rar (717.7 KB, 1669 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-ChippendalesDancersMesh-clothing.rar (120.6 KB, 2426 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-ChippendalesDancersPeacockRecolour-clothing.rar (224.5 KB, 2040 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-PeacockShowgirlDress-clothing.rar (596.3 KB, 2472 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-PeacockShowgirlHat-clothing.rar (111.4 KB, 2314 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-ChippendalesDancersBlackRecolour-clothing.rar (201.3 KB, 2305 downloads)