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Craps table
For all the real high rollers out there, this is the game for you! Make your bets, roll the dice, and hope like crazy that you're gonna win big! This craps table is fully functional with several new animations, and comes with its own croupier (the person who hosts the game). One sim can roll the dice for the game, up to four sims can place bets, and any number of sims can watch as the dramas unfold!

- 10946 poly (+ accessories when running), Base game

Texas Hold 'em Poker table (with matching chairs)
For those who prefer a more solemn, intellectual game, (or for those who are really good at fancy shuffling tricks!) this Texas Hold 'em Poker table is the game for you. So put on yer 10 gallon hat, yer shades and your pinch-toe boots, bring in a few bucks and an extra shirt and sit a spell at the Texas Holdem table. Play with the best, lose to the best. You may need that extra shirt.

- Table 7768 poly, Night Life required
- Chair 1561 poly, Night Life required
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: rar highrollers-CrapsTable-recolours.rar (1.52 MB, 8350 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-TexasHoldemPlayable-mesh.rar (201.2 KB, 8363 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-HoldemBluffemChair-mesh.rar (709.5 KB, 7765 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-TexasHoldem-recolours.rar (207.2 KB, 7470 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-CrapsTable-mesh.rar (519.3 KB, 9250 downloads)