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Default Hotel and Casino furnishings

Swanky Hotel Suite
Even sims living the party life need to sleep occasionally, and if you're living the high life it's only fair that you sleep in style. This Swanky Hotel set is practically oozing style and class, for your top-notch swanky hotels and inns.

- Double bed, 5832 poly, Base game
- Single bed, 4716 poly, Base game
- Dresser, 3906 poly, Base game
- End table, 3376 poly, Base game
- Painting, 518 poly, Base game


Sid's Suave Sitter
Sid is suave. Sid likes to drink. And when he's drinking he likes to sit. This bar stool is, therefore, the epitome of style for Sid. Sit in suave style like Sid does, on Sid's Suave Sitter!

-777 poly, Base Game compatible

Casino statuary
It's all about ambiance. If you want your casinos to really look the part, you have to make sure that they've got all the right decoration. What better way to do that than with gaming themed statuary? A giant pile of gaming chips, to remind your sims of what they could win? Or a mysterious hand of cards rising ominously from the sand? We've got it all...

- Card table, 704 poly, Base game
- Card sculpture, 210 poly, Base game
- Chips sculpture, 534 poly, Base game
- Dice sculpture, 94 poly, Base game
- Parasol, 1018 poly, Base game
- Hand in sand sculpture, 1249 poly, Base game

Cocktail Glass Hot Tub
What could be more decadent than drinking a cocktail in a hot tub? Drinking a cocktail in a *cocktail shaped* hot tub of course! Complete with swizzle sticks, this is one crazy piece of plumbing for the bather who has it all!

- 3286 poly, Base game
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: rar highrollers-SwankyGoldenPanther-mesh.rar (54.1 KB, 2338 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-ChipsSculpture-recolours.rar (211.6 KB, 3425 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-DiceSculpture-recolours.rar (1.82 MB, 3457 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-DiceSculpture-mesh.rar (85.3 KB, 3612 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-HandInSandSculpture-mesh.rar (555.4 KB, 2861 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-ChipsSculpture-mesh.rar (99.7 KB, 3573 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-CardSculpture-mesh.rar (102.8 KB, 3570 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-AceUpTheSleeveCardTable-mesh.rar (178.7 KB, 3050 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-GamblerParasol-mesh.rar (571.2 KB, 2814 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-SwankyArtfulBowl-mesh.rar (182.1 KB, 2313 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-SidsSuaveSitterBarstool-mesh.rar (474.9 KB, 2299 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-CocktailSundaeHotTub-mesh.rar (1.45 MB, 4462 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-SwankyEndTable-mesh.rar (107.1 KB, 2220 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-SwankyDoubleBed-mesh.rar (375.5 KB, 2296 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-SwankySingleBed-mesh.rar (341.8 KB, 2091 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-SwankyDresser-mesh.rar (317.9 KB, 2247 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-SwankySuiteTealblueSilver-recolour.rar (1.18 MB, 2076 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-SwankySuiteRedGold-recolour.rar (1.07 MB, 2073 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-SwankySuiteNacreBronze-recolour.rar (1.17 MB, 2026 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-SwankySuiteIndigoCopper-recolour.rar (1,016.4 KB, 2064 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-SwankySuiteBlackGold-recolour.rar (1.00 MB, 2198 downloads)