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The Muses - Roman walls and floors
In ancient times, the Muses were a sisterhood of beautiful, talented nymphs who embodied the arts in all their forms. Is it any wonder then that they would be celebrated in these friezes, a beautiful architectural extra on an extravagant Roman-inspired construction?


The Forum, The Temple and The Colosseum- More Roman walls and floors
Beautiful stonework is the hallmark of these walls and floors. Sturdy, yet classy. Just like the Romans themselves!


Mayan walls and floors
In any study of Mesoamerican art and history, it's hard not to marvel at the wonderful designs and constructions produced by the Mayan civilization. Now these wonders can be combined with modern construction techniques to create an engaging and historically accurate* casinos and party destinations.
(*note: casinos and party destinations may not be historically accurate)

- Base game
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: rar highrollers-TheMuses-walls+floors.rar (836.3 KB, 1829 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-Mayan-floors.rar (205.2 KB, 1583 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-Mayan-walls.rar (683.4 KB, 1555 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-Colosseum-walls.rar (2.16 MB, 1697 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-Forum-walls.rar (1.31 MB, 1645 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-Temple-walls.rar (314.0 KB, 1638 downloads)