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Default Theme Furniture 2
Sci-fi furniture
It's common knowledge that in the future we will all have hover-cars and robots, and we will be able to catch rocketships to go for our holidays on Mars. Until that happens though, you can get a taste of the futuristic lifestyle by fitting out your casinos and hotels with futuristic artwork like these Maxis recolours.

- Night Life required

Tiki furniture
If you're more a fan of grass skirts and bamboo bars, this decor might be more your style. These Maxis recolours give you the feeling you're living on Survivor... Only with more luxury and less bug-eating.

- Tiki painting, Bon Voyage required
- Pineapple painting, Night Life required
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: rar highrollers-PaintingMinimalist-recolours.rar (194.4 KB, 1406 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-PosterLeftBankPineappleAlienNeonReflection-recolours.rar (148.6 KB, 1388 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-TableCoffeeClubBlack-recolour.rar (18.5 KB, 1307 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-TikiPaintings-recolours.rar (96.2 KB, 1387 downloads)
File Type: rar highrollers-TikiPosters-recolours.rar (806.6 KB, 1332 downloads)