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Sci-fi walls and floors
Not content with hundreds of years of history as inspiration, themed venues now have the option of doing their interior design based on this exciting new style, fresh from the future!

(Please note: All walls and floors are based on an artists impression of the future. Actual future may vary.)


Tiki walls and floors
If we were being completely accurate, a proper tiki theme wouldn't have wallpaper at all. It'd have walls made out of bamboo and trees, and stuff... But that's old school, and if you're trying to make a luxury destination for tourists and travellers you need real walls and thick carpets to make them feel at home. No problem though, because these walls and floors will give your destination the look of an open, natural style without all the pesky tying-together-of-bamboo-poles.


Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
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