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As requested, here are some pants and shirts. A regular one and the "SlickSuit" I used default skins on them, but any skin designed for the original mesh these meshes are based upon should be able to be easily converted in bodyshop to apply to these meshes.

I'm running out of time today, so I didn't fire these up in the game, yet - but the results have been very consistent, so I can't imagine anything overly drastic going wrong by actually playing these meshes. (I'll test 'em out myself in a bit, as well - looks like the powersuit may have that minor shadow issue I saw in the dress, as well...). They DO work fine in Bodyshop (as you can see by the quick captures I made). So all should be well.
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File Type: rar XenosHeroineOvershirtPants.rar (590.1 KB, 5693 downloads)
File Type: rar XenosHeroineSlickSuit.rar (494.3 KB, 5121 downloads)