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I again,

I've made some other test to be sure how to realise a costume makeup.
After a bloody fight with Photoshop and CTU, I was able to realise that :

It's a costume makeup based on a TS2 one, it was quite hard (for me) to convert : the face structure isn't the same.
=> TS3 faces are longer than TS2'

Earlier today Saikatsu showed us that it's possible to realise nice costume makeup. But how ?

Here it's how I did, maybe I did something wrong with CTU, so if someone want to correct me, please do ^^

1 - File > New
2 - Mesh Find > Age > Gender > Type
(I used Adult > Female > Costume)
3 - Mesh > what ever
(I used the feline one)
4 - with PhotoShop/what ever/... do your business : the RGB file and the texture one

A little comment ...
Nothing to say about RGB, it's a RGB file, play with transparency, have fun ^^
But about the texture itself, the "feline" texture is in black and white, quite pale. As there is a transparency or something.
Because I was becoming mad with bad IG results, I just paint the whole thing in white and it's OK XD

Now with the CTU, what I had to do to make it work is quite strange !
5 - Design > Add New Design

Still under the "Design" section ...
6 - Design > Face Overlay details > Face Overlay > the file with texture > Commit

7 - Design > Face Overlay datails > Tint Color A / B / C / D > Clic on the Color box > Chose a color > Ok > Commit
8 - Design > Tint Color D Enable > True

/!\ Strange, a mask has only 3 colors, but without the "D" enabled, the mask doesn't work /!\
=> the mask show up, you can use it but you can't recolor it IG, what's the ? oO"

/!\ StrangeĀ², I chose 4 differents colors and the game did something different, uh oO" /!\
=> I chose Red, Green, Blue & Black
=> the game use a Cameo Green, a sick Yellow and Black

9 - Design > Mask Overlay details > Mask > the file with RGB > Commit

10 - after that to be sure I clic each Commit button XD
11 - File > Save
12 - Install with Monkey

That's how I did.