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Well, I am planning to take some time off over the holidays, and what I was going to start today was delayed because Amazon is slammed with orders, so I got Igor and went to the secret lab and cooked this new monster up.

Sometimes, there are few people doing something because it is too hard and there is no leadership. A tool that makes things easier may entice more meshers to make good morphs for their creations.

As I tried to describe before, this is pretty simple. You load your base (as the first group) and then load all of the associated morphs that you want to use. Then you select and duplicate the base group, and rename the new duplicate "reference". Save a backup, and then edit your base mesh (only moving vertices), and run this plugin, Morph Mangle (it will be in the Vertex menu). The morphs will have your base mesh changes added to them, and the reference mesh will become a copy of the updated base so future changes can be added in.

I don't have the kind of program access you would need to make this live with every edit, but you should be able to run it as frequently as you want. For now, there is an instructional dialog that will pop up every time that could get annoying, and perhaps I will remove it once users understand how to use the tool.

If it works and is useful, I will add it into the Q-Mesh set. If people don't want or can't understand it, well, that is not a problem. In life, I find if you throw enough jello at the wall, some of it will stick.

Plug-in and readme attached.
Download - please read all instructions before downloading any files!
File Type: rar MMangleV000a.rar (6.6 KB, 960 downloads)

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