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Claudine went from teenage hoodlum to wannabe criminal mastermind in just a few years. She snagged one of the most eligible men to be her husband, and now she dreamed of raising an almighty overlord as her son. Meanwhile, Totara and Tane are gearing up to retire as soon as Feleti finishes high school. What will they do after that? Travel the world with their retirement funds?

Totara Palefau
Traits: Angler/Charismatic/Couch Potato/Natural Cook/Workaholic
LTW: Super Popular
Age: Elder

Tane Palefau
Traits: Angler/Brave/Can't Stand Art/Family Orientated/Grumpy
LTW: Surrounded By Family
Age: Elder

Feleti Palefau
Traits: Charismatic/Daredevil/Loner/Excitable
LTW: Not Set
Age: Teen

Claudine Palefau
Traits: Evil/Flirt/Grumpy/Neat/Workaholic
LTW: The Emperor Of Evil
Age: Young Adult

Moorea Palefau
Traits: Angler/Athletic/Frugal/Neat/Party Animal
LTW: Physical Perfection
Age: Young Adult

Tama Palefau
Traits: Grumpy/Virtuoso
LTW: Not Set
Age: Baby


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