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Default Sims2Pack Clean Installer To-Do List
Please note: The new To-Do List starts at post #35:

As with all of my programs, my first priority is fixing bugs. I am also interested in restoring functionality which was in a previous version of S2PCI, but is missing in the 1.6.x source code. Finally, I'll work on implementing new features.

To Do List:


- "Install All" should be renamed to something which mentions The Sims 2.

- Remove Administrator requirement: S2PCI currently uses HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. That should probably be changed to HKEY_CURRENT_USER. As well, I believe that it always expects write permission, although it probably only requires read access.

- Investigate the (fairly rare) issue: "A previous version of Sims2pack Clean Installer. You have to uninstall the old version first! Do you want to do this now?" Why do some of the registry entries remain after the program is uninstalled? Are people doing something wrong during uninstall, such as running the uninstall from a non-administrative account? Is this an issue with NSI? Can it be resolved by removing all existing registry entries before installing?

Missing Features:

- More work on the new recognition algorithm: better recognition of existing types, more types, better text names.

Installation of S2PCI

- Allow user to force an install even if the previous uninstall failed.
- Add a "features / options" screen to the install process, so that people could decide whether they want a Desktop shortcut, a Start Menu shortcut, or the "Install all" ability.
- Do not setup the "Install all" ability on systems which cannot support it (64-bit?).

New Features:

- Try to resolve problems created by incorrect usage. Specifically, removing individual sims will cause neighborhood corruption; perhaps the user should only be able to remove all sims included with a lot or none of them. Later, unchecking a sim could remove all memories, relationships, and family ties with that sim, or change them to point to the "mystery sim".

Ref: (please note that these threads are recommending a technique which will cause neighborhood corruption)

- Add filename as a column in the listbox. [Done]
- Give people the ability to rename files. [Done]
- Give people the ability to copy the file name and / or text name to the clipboard.
- Allow the user to specify a different The Sims 2 directory; make program work correctly with AnyGameStarter. [in process]
- Allow people to specify subdirectories within the default Downloads location.
- Now that MTS supports 7Zip files, it would be nice if the Clean Installer would support them.
- Would be nice to have an "Install All Sims 2" context menu for ZIP, RAR, and 7Z files, since these compressed files are functionally equivalent to directories.
- Install package files by moving to correct location; only if double click on package file?
- Get working on the MAC. [in process - no install version currently has problems determining location of save games]
- Update GUI?
- Save preview pictures with a right-click.
- Multi-install should have a window displayed during processing:
. - Cancel button to stop processing. Display what we have so far? [Done]
. - Display directory and / or filename currently being processed.
. - Progress bar. Note: difficult to estimate the amount of work to be done until it has been done.
. - Check for low memory condition and stop before it becomes a major issue.
. - Process Sims2Packs one at a time, rather than all at once. [Done]


- Resolve a problem where removing some CC and saving the Sims2Pack with a new name results in all empty packages.
Status: Fixed in V1.6.1

- Resolve the problem where people are attempting to install nothing. Error or warning message if there is nothing to install. Grey out Install button. Alternative: if attempt to install .package, move to correct directory.
Status: Fixed in V1.6.2, although we still might want to consider the alternative.

- Allow overwrite Sims2Pack by creating temporary file during write (another "empty package" issue).
Status: Fixed in V1.6.2

- Get multi-install working again.
Status: Fixed in V1.6.3

- If path is too long, give user some indication of which file has the error.
(Post #18 in the download thread)
Status: Fixed in V1.6.4

- Blank name displayed for some CC.
(Post #36 in the download thread)
Status: Fixed in V1.6.5

- Get tooltips working properly.
(Post #50 in the download thread)
Note: The tooltips stopped working during the transition from .NET 1 to .NET 2. Filename tooltips are conflicting with standard listbox behavior, which displays full column contents for truncated columns. Therefore, only the checkbox will have the filename tooltip.
Status: Partially fixed in V1.6.5

- Resolve thread safety issues with -n, -m, and other command line options.
Status: Fixed 1.6.7

- Sounds like there is a problem when installing lots which contain non-alphanumeric characters:
Status: Fixed 1.6.16